Operation San Gennaro

18>20 Settembre 2013

Take advantage of the special offer at Nuovo Rebecchino to attend the ceremony of liquefaction of the blood of the Miracle of San Gennaro. A mystery which even today no one was able to give a solution.
A brief history from the site www.san-gennaro.it :
It is believed that a pious woman had picked up in two ampoules the blood of San Gennaro then to deliver the precious relic to the bishop of Naples. The blood contained in glass ampoules old-fashioned is still the subject of profound veneration with the other relics preserved in the Cathedral of Naples. The dark congealed lumps and solids spontaneously melt. The blood boils and acquires the color red.
The liquefaction is usually accompanied by fervent prayers and invocations to the Holy insistent. The manner in which the dissolution takes place: time, intensity of blood are considered a good omen for the city if they take place without delay, otherwise they are unfavorable sign. The miracle regularly repeated two more times during the year: in May and in December and in particularly relevant to Naples such as the visit of some important personage, the threat of natural disasters etc. For the first time it was noted the liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro in 1389 on the pages of the "Chronicon Siculum." From that moment on, scholars, scientists and researchers have indulged in writing about this unusual fact.

You can complete your stay dedicated to San Gennaro history, with a visit to the Treasure of San Gennaro.
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